S.H.I.T.E. VI: Winter is no excuse.

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Thanks MCR for an awesome tournament, congratulations to 5G on their win.

Good so meet some new faces and hope to see you again soon! We must return the favour in Bristol sometime.

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Thanks to everyone involved in organising the tourney yesterday. Had a really nice day (aside from busting my shoulder in the first game). Well done 5G and also Andre/Oz/Beesley. Unfortunately I couldn't stick around for the final, but you played an excellent game to win against 5G just before I left. Nice to see so many new faces from developing scenes up north. As Rich said, we will be looking to set up a similar event in Brizzle in the near future.

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That was definitely not one of my favourite bits of polo. It was a great day though. Well done Sal and all who helped to sort it out. Well done Ben, despite my best attempts to drag you down, you'll be missed. Nice to see new guys and old guys alike. POLO!

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Congrats 5G - worthy winners.

Thanks for organising Manchester I had a great time

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well done Salman it went so smoothly and ended in perfect time! thanks for everyone that came over here and thanks to the local kids for the celebratory fire works at the end

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Thanks Salman, what a great tourney. Sorry we didn't get chance to say goodbye to everyone but the after tourney fireworks were getting a bit too close. Fantastic to see everyone I know and all the new faces and thanks for awarding me the MVP, what a prize!!

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Thanks manchester for hosting such a great tourney. Was good to see everyone again and meet new polo player from around the country. See you all next week

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Really cool lil tourney MHBP - we've really got the one-dayer sorted methinks!

Some great match-ups during the course of the day - my personal highlight was watching the duel between Sal/Sylwia/Andy against Ste/Rob/Ben. A result that was always in doubt until Sylwia's top draw lay off across the D for Sal to drive home.

5G managed to sneak home against our local opposition but Andre/Paul/Os built their game all day, peaking superbly to knock us down into the Losers bracket. An earlier version of 5G may well have imploded, but we were able to take stock and work our way back into the Finals to exact revenge!

Good to see MZA back in a polo tourney; Sal and Sylwia are looking like the real deal; just a shame Rob weakened his team somewhat though. Solid reffing from Rich ensured the last few games passed off with discord - thanks for stepping up. Pleased to see Ben's MVP award - it's been a rapid rise, not just in tournaments but week-in-week-out play too. Goes to show what is possible with a bit of commitment multiplied by enthusiasm! His departure is yet another great loss for the Manchester polo scene at the end of a healthy year of polo home and away.

Big thanks to the regular SHITE faces from Scotia (who looked mightily improved since our last SHITE), good friends from Bristol, our loveable hillbillies and of course the newbies from Hull for swelling the ranks.

Can't wait for the MHBP Spring SHITE Classic...!

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Boyeah! The trophy. It's here.

A bit more work and I'll hand it over by the end of the week.

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Looks good!

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Shoulda won it the....oh.

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That's magnificent! Couldn't see it on the iphone/without glasses last night! You've raised the bar on polo trophies there Sal... is it made of bakelite or sculpted from coal?!

Promise me you won't give it to Chan first?!