Manchester Hardcourt Bike Polo

Hardcourt bike polo has been played in some form in Manchester since 2007, MHBP has evolved from that scene to help organise and represent polo in Manchester. We are a friendly, inclusive and welcoming group who want to develop the sport we love on a local, national and international level, but mainly we want to play it and have fun.

If you want to try it out then feel free to come down. You can just watch and have a few beers with us or get involved and have a go. We can lend bikes and mallets to try things out and if you get hooked we can usually loan a bike to you for a short while you sort one out. If you can ride a bike you can play, and we'll help out with beginners sessions and training to get you up to speed. Our levels of ability range from noobz who've been playing a few weeks to guys who have placed in national tournaments and played in the European championships.

We play every Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes Sunday too. Weekdays start at 1830 and weekends at noon, although sometimes we'll start early if it's nice out, just check the polo this week tab above.

If you have any questions then either join our forum or send them to or if you have site issues then try