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Roller Derby 1 Bike Polo 0

Lots of coverage about the success of UK roller derby at the minute - interesting to compare this underground activity with bike polo's chequered past. Both 'sports' were in similar places in 2009/10 - I remember first seeing it at a Cambridge indoor polo weekend bitd. Now their sport has matured well yet is still 'underground' - having over 100 clubs apparently.

New documentary coming out on player -

What are the lessons for bike polo - get the girls to organise it...

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Certainly needs people to step up and organise events / open sessions / training sessions in a more structured manner - more dialogue between cities / venues etc
but needs people with a little time to spare ( and the requisite skills)

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There were similarities in 08/09 although it was already bigger, especially in the 'merica. We have over 100 "clubs" but they are obviously better than us and I reckon it lends itself more to audiences, with regular match ups between clubs that last a reasonable time (not 10 minutes but not all day) Places to play are probably easier to sort out in that there are plenty of sports halls knocking about and skaters do a lot less floor damage than we do. We can definitely learn a thing or two from them though.

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Yeah like the awesome tight shorts they wear.