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Road frame advice

Wanting to buy a new frame/forks for as little money as pos. For about £200 I've found the Planet X Kaffenback and the Ribble 7005 Sportive which appeal.

Totally different machines really, Kaffenback would allow touring/cyclocross potential and keeps it real, steel, but I reckon the Ribble would kick arse for commuting to Mcr from Macc, which is what I expect to be doing in a year or so. But maybe the lovely steel ride would make those country lanes a bit friendlier...

Is anyone familiar with either or has anyone any other suggestions in that price range??

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I love my Ribble, it's the audax one so it has the mounts for rack and guards, and it can take bigger tyres than I've got on.

Also that kaffenback is heavy. and Blue is a cool colour

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Macc's nice, not much polo though

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what size you after Nate? see what I got in the recycling

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kraffenbacks plain gague 4130. There much nicer steel out there.

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Faffenback is a Pompino set at 135mm with vertical dropouts and brazons for derallier and cable routing. They're butted 4130 not plain gauge. I've no experience of the kaffenback but ride a Pompino coldset to 135 with an alfine 11 speed hub. That rides great. Perfect for anything you chuck at it with very little maintenance. If you were to go down the hub gear route On One are selling the Pompetamine (same geometry again but set at 135) frames for £99 at the moment and the forks are £30 They're also set up for disks so much better in the wet, which we seam to get plenty of!