Need room to let - temporary or permanent - ASAP!!!

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Need room to let - temporary or permanent - ASAP!!!

My bestest buddy, big Bill, might be evicted at v short notice - not through his own dodgy dealings but his landlord's! He's a thoroughly splendid chap and very easy to live with - I've lived with him thrice and would happily house him now if we could :-( He smokes but would rather smoke outdoors than sleep outdoors if that's what it comes to so don't see it being too big an issue or him. He doesn't drink to excess or party loudly unless it's appropriate. Used to be veggie or vegan so can easily fall in with house rules on kitchen stuff. Is a bit of a hippy on the sly but you won't be embarrassed by any tie-die or owt on the washing line. He works nights so will likely keep himself to himself on the whole.

If you know anyone who has a room to let or is going away for the summer or anything could you please let me know? Any queries or owt call or PM.

Thank you everyone!