Goal Keeping Technique

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Goal Keeping Technique

As we in MHBP blessed with 3 of the UK's best goalkeepers (Ste, Adam and Drew - IMHO), I'd be interested what you'd add to this summary of the art...


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Part 2: http://www.goalhole.com/2012/10/23/goal-keeping-101-part-two-blocking-an...

Generally I think everything they've said makes sense and seems like common sense when you read it.

I know I need to work on keeping weight off my mallet when in goal and being more accurate/confident when blocking and moving the ball away from a shot to the BB area rather than relying on stationary wheels/mallet to stop the ball, but I need to find a new way to approach it as what I'm currently trying doesn't work that well (especially against Chan and Rob) and I find myself conceding a lot of goals that way. Maybe I just need to work on balance and reaction speed...

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I was just reading that. Chan annoys me when he holds it up until you roll forwards too much then knocks it behind you.

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That's why you hop more.
And contrary to the article I find it easier to block things coming in from behind like Chan and Adams little knocks in because you know they're coming and can easily react.

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If they get that close, your team has failed you.

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^ Bitter experience??

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Emyr wrote:

If they get that close, your team has failed you.

Good point...