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Hi everyone,

Hope I'm alright to come down tonight. Going to keep an eye on the forum and have a chat with some friends, see if I can't get enough people to make beginners sessions viable.

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Hey, is this still live? I'd be up for joining the beginners sessions... Sorry I've been away for ages, I have always intended to come back, just got way too busy and too broke to buy a bike I can play on :) I'm in the market now if anyone knows where to get a cheap small one!

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Hello again, I thought we'd scared you off for good. How's the wrist been?

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You remembered your password!

We'll be starting up the beginner sessions again in the new year. I'll make sure someone drops you a message next time we're running one. I think Nate was looking to get rid of his old polo bike but have a feeling it'd be a bit big...

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I only need a bmx crankset or 3/8 crank bolts and a few little bits and bobs to make a jump bike that would make a good loaner, I think it'd also make a good pub bike so would be temporary but am happy to put it to polo use for a few months.