Festive Bench Minor - Sunday 16th December - 1pm

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We played two 90 minute games. Drafted teams rather than splitting young and old. Alex won both games, more info tomorrow

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So, quick recap of the day, we decided to go with the a draft to keep the teams balanced, if I remember it was... Chan, Alex, Sal, Danny, Emma, Drew, Ewan against Ste, Chris, Emyr, me, Tum and Nate I think. Rob did an excellent job of keeping scores, time and heckling.

When the lights came on we had another match, this time with teams agreed by captains in secret with Rob. I think it was Chan, Ste, me, Emma, Chris and Danny against Sal, Alex, Drew, Ewan, Emyr and Tum. Game was 11-11 at half time, we went up by 4 or 5 goals in the 2nd half then conceded a bunch all at once, leaving a draw at 90 minutes, golden goal came into effect and after a few minutes Alex (I think) hammered one in to take the victory for his team.

Great day of polo, thanks to everyone who turned up and Chan and Ste for helping get a good format sorted. Well done to all the captains, players and Rob.

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Awesome, cheers for organising that Andy!

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yep, great day and those burgers from almost famous! Wow, the best burger i've had to date

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Got your bars cut to 57cm yet Chan?

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measured mine, already 57.5 cm so obviously need to trim 2.5mm off each side

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Mine are 53 :(