Euro Bench - Bristol - 20/21st July

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Euro Bench - Bristol - 20/21st July

Copypasta from Facebook/LFGSS:


The first Euro Bench will happen on the weekend of July 20/21st, at the St. Pauls courts in Bristol.

It will be a very similar format to Bench Minor (the annual tournament in North America).

8 teams, drafted from an open pool. Round Robin, and then a final for the best teams.

A captain plus 7 players per team, games will be 1 hour long.

Anyone is welcome to register, not just players from Europe. North Americans, and others are more than welcome to come.

The location has two big courts, with a grippy surface.

As part of a sports centre it also has toilets, showers, etc...

Registration stuff:


Registration is now open, at

Registration will close on Saturday May 18th.

Please only register if you are sure you can come.

The Draft will happen on Sunday 19th, or Monday 20th.

If you want to be a captain, please send an email to by Monday 6th May.

Anyone registering or thinking about going to watch?

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I wanna play and stay at our campsite again.

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i miss that dog

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no homer!