WHBPC 2014 - Mr Do needs you!

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WHBPC 2014 - Mr Do needs you!

I know many of you stayed up watching the games in Florida last year and the textbook commentary. I've had this message from Montpellier Bike Polo about WHBPC2014



As you already know, Montpellier is hosting the 2014 WHBPC.

For the promotion and visibility of our common passion for the sport and work with a long-term Bikepolo supporter, we want to invite Mr.DO and his team to broadcast the live streaming.

We need everyone's help to make them come.

Many thanks


Montpellier Bike Polo

If you haven't checked out Mr Do already why not take a look at the recordings from the last year or some of his world-class highlights videos or just watch Koyo nail some kid from his own half...

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Little bit more info from them too..


Why a fundraiser?

Because Mr. Do comes from the United States and we have to raise funds to allow him to make the loooooong trip…

Here’s the deal :

If you pay between 1-29 euros and you get a thank you from all the world-wide bike polo community.

If you pay 30-59 euros, we will send you a t-shirt from WHBPC2014. They are nice and you can choose your size. Whether it’s the latest fashion or not, you will have a bike polo t-shirt to be proud of.

If you pay 60+ euros, you will get the ultimate…a second t-shirt! This time it will be from Montpelier Bike Polo. It is blue and BEAUTIFUL!!!

And for the best contributor will have a front fixcraft hub.

Montpelier Bike Polo has the equipment for live-streaming but we need your support to bring Mr. Do to WHBPC2014! YOU! Yes, you, bike polo player or friendly spectator! Send some euros and you’ll make the international bike polo community happy. For the love of bike polo, THANK YOU!!!

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The guy that ducked out the way later got his leg sliced open by a freewheel. Bit like 'final destination'