Thursday 22nd June

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Thursday 22nd June

Ok haven't been on here in a while. Really enjoyed Bristol tournament and I might even buy some new bike parts and a mallet ! But that's all beside the point. Polo this week is a taster session at Chorlton tennis courts so if people can turn up with flat pedals on, a few beers and help people get interested that would be great. Not planning on too many games so a kinda social thing.

Also we didn't have Christmas meal, so how about a summer BBQ in late July ?

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In for both.

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Sorry away this week but summer BBQ sounds cool

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cant do today but up for BBQ and generally helping to get the scene back to its former glory. How about bbq and tourney say august?
We could do an alternative euros

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We need better courts for a tourney and yeah September /august I'd be happy to help. We could have it when the euros are on and watch it same time ? watch