Polo at the vezondrome

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Polo at the vezondrome

S'up? In January Anna got hold of me about putting on some polo activities at the velodrome in March, email below.

Dear MHBP team :)

Happy New Year to you and hope this email finds you well..

As you may know, Transport for Greater Manchester are running an exciting campaign throughout March to highlight and celebrate International Women's Day by supporting a number of women's cycling events and projects. As part of this exciting month, I am working with TfGM to help organise a central event at The National Cycling Centre on 11th March [11-3pm] to showcase a range of bike projects and activities aimed to encourage and support girl's and women's cycling.

We would like the event to be as broad and interactive as possible - which is where you come in!

Would the MCR Bike Polo team be interested in attending the event to play some games & a few open sessions for the public to have a go with. Won't be just for women, but they will hopefully be actively encouraged to have a go. We'd need to think about how to make a court applicable out the front of the centre but perhaps you've had some exeperiene with pop-up events? If so - could you please provide me with the following information :

Final quote [including travel, staff time and materials]:
Activity location : inside / outside / either?
Equipment requirements: Gazebo / table / chairs / other?
Rough size of activity area required:
Volunteer support required?
Main contact name:
A sentence or two about the activity you will run:

We would love you to be a part of this exciting event - a first of its kind for Manchester! Please let me know as soon as possible if interested and hope to proceed further with you. Do get in touch with any questions or additional information that would be useful to know about your activity.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Anna Smith

I kinda forgot about it with all the court shit going on but mentioned it to Arthur at the pub at some point. I'm happy to do it and if would be good to get a few more people down, especially Helen as it's Women's day and all. Anna has said since then that we'll have £200 to put it on, it'll be about half a court sized area so would be more trying stuff out and polo skills than games although I'm sure we'll have time to dick about a bit. Ideally we would very some low wooden boards to mark an area, a bit like we have found the bottom of powerhouse, we could then keep the wood to repair powerhouse boards or whatever. Arthur also said to get some mallets which is a good idea, although would depend on how much we have left.

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Yeah man will book the date off. pub discussion tonight.