MHBP Steering Group

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MHBP Steering Group

MHBP is, to all intents and purposes, an open co-operative or collective that raises its funds primarily through a voluntary membership scheme, supported by sponsorships and events.

For the benefit of new people to the site and forum, MHBP is managed by a steering group process, under which are several sub-groups that aim to deliver across maintenance, social, coaching, tournaments, memberships, recruitment and other necessary activities that improve our local polo experience.

The aim is to try to involve everyone within those sub groups to ensure that our collective talents and skills impact in the appropriate areas and that the same people don't appear to do all the work and thus dominate the group!

The Steering Group is an annually elected team, with the next elections due in November/December 2012 and, in due course, all SG meeting minutes and future agendas will be available online.

If you wish to be involved or have skills/time/enthusiasm to offer the group, contact one of the SG.

Currently, the SG is:

Polo President - Andy Chan
Secretary/Outreach/Network - Neil Mr K
Information/Marketing - Rob Otter