MCR Open and ABC Tournament - September 3/4 2017 Discussion

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MCR Open and ABC Tournament - September 3/4 2017 Discussion

Bristol and Sheffield have been excellent again.
C'mon guys - let's put something back...

Going to start working on a first weekend in September tournament. Can those who are interested in helping in some way confirm they are available this weekend?

Thinking a mini/one-day 12 team event on the Saturday (using lights if necessary) and a lolz-not-goalz ABC on the Sunday.

Looking for a statto/format organiser - hopefully Emyr
I will get Adam to come up with a logo etc.
Rob -can you do the social media stuff in advance/counting down

Other responsibilities:
Accommodation organiser
* more to follow *

No bullshit/no polotiks - just grass roots polo...

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I'll be away MTBing in Spain again.

Can help plan the format though.

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Thanks Em.

Cast your mind over this package please -

Saturday is a 12 team seeding format through 2 sets of 15 round robins matches creating 2 sets of A and B seeds, followed by a single elimination tournament in the afternoon/evening.

The pairs of seeds are alternately split from the top down into a Left and a Right half group for the single elimination phase.

Left hand eliminator seeds being 1L 2R 3L 4R 5L and 6R; Right hand eliminator seeds being 1R 2L 3R 4L 5R and 6L.

Lowest seeds play extra round/top 4 seeds get a bye into Second round of the Eliminator.

Left hand first round being 3L v 6R and 5L v 4R (byes for 2R and 1L); the Right hand first round being 3R v 6L and 4L v 5R (byes for 1R and 2L).

The final being between the winners of each half of the seeded draw (left half and right half) i.e. if by seeding then 1L would met 1R in the final.


0900+ Registration/Bike Check
0945 - Start RR
30 matches of 10 mins with 3 mins each match turnaround = 6 1/2 hours
1615 finish RR
1630 Start Double Elimination
11 matches of 10 ins with 3 mins turnaround = 2 1/2 hours (15 min final)
1915 finish

Sunday is an ABC Blind Draw Double Elimination Tournament with a 3 game guarantee i.e. teams that lose the first two consecutive games remain in the lower bracket to ensure they get a minimum of three games minimum on the Sunday.

The 36 players are self nominated into 12 x A, 12 x B, 12 x C by players on the Saturday RR phase. These are ratified/sorted by the MCR committee (adjustments as necessary).

The agreed ABC Player List posted during the afternoon is then drawn 'live' into the 12 teams before the Saturday MCR Open Final.

The 12 teams are then blind drawn 'live' into the first round of matches. This blind draw takes place after the Saturday MCR Open Final is played/prizes awarded.

The 12 Team ABC Trophy consists of 27 matches, starting 1000 - 1600 (6 hours).

Other Misc Stuff

Friday social.
Saturday Sandbar plus music

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I can do social media stuff, but I can't explain that to people.

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That's for Em to pick over.

To normal people it's:

The 2017 Manchester Open
12 Team Round Robin feeds Single Elimination Tournament

12 Team Manchester A Bee C Double Elimination Tournament


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Looks good, I should be around, it's hard to figure out what's going on with the single elim tournament but I'm assuming it's just a way of generally avoiding rematches?

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^ By combining an RR with a single elimination on the Saturday gives a guarantee of a minimum of 6 games per team (to a maximum of 9 for the winning team) in a single day + a clear result.

I have tweaked the pairs of seeds from each of the two separate RR rounds to avoid repeat matches from those rounds in the Elimination.

Basically half of each seed list (A and B) swap groups at the start of the Elimination. Note that this Elimination format is two halves coming together to a Final between best of Left and best of Right (as opposed to the typical Bracket which works left to right).

In diagram form it is simple to comprehend but I can't post it. If there is enough interest in MCR for the event to come together then we'll have a Sandbar session and I can bring the formwork.

The idea for the weekend is to provide the best of a Team tournament (as at Bristol recently) AND the best of a more social event (as at Sheffield) in as compact a way as is possible on each day.

Going forward, we need to know who is supporting the event whether actively or passively i.e. they may be away - for the event itself and for things like accommodation etc. I'll make an ongoing list of those who are up for it - I think we need about 8 as a working group ideally.

Em (away)

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I'm around but doing a race on sunday, can come and help on saturday though. FYI - i cant play for while as I've fucked my elbow up :(