Manchester Proposed Tourney Date Qual.

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Can you make the f/book page public for those who don't use it :)

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How did the tourney go? Who's the uk champs?? Who's coming to Zaragoza? :))

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Harmeen wrote:

How did the tourney go?

Pretty smoothly.

Harmeen wrote:

Who's the uk champs??

This wasn't the UK championships.

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Who's coming to Zaragoza? :))

  1. Afterparty (Miles, Antonio, Chris Pickering)
  2. Strangeways (Chan, Arthur, Ste)
  3. Cold Shoulders (Beagle, French Kev, English Ben)
  4. Gettin' Wild (Mya, Max, Josh)
  5. Deus Bags (Kris, Adam, Nick)
  6. Party Illuminati (Shane, Dan, Rob)
  7. Mavuto (Clem, Lizzy, Zsofia)
  8. Flowery Twats (John, Oli, Emyr)
  9. Top 5 to main tourney, 6-8 to "wildcard".

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How exciting :)))))