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Anyone know when this might be??

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not sure will look out for it

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not sure if its happening this year??/

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From the LHBPA section of LFGSS. Beagle wrote it.

Dear all,

@PhilJD and myself have nominated ourselves to run this year's tourney.
We need volunteers! The more the merrier! We'll have a look at last year's and post up a list of what positions are up for grabs. Thus far, we have spoken to quite a few at throw ins and many have expressed interest in helping out namely but not limted to @DBKAllan @BRodrick @cafafox (beers obvsly...) @Dtroll

As far as timeline goes, it's gonna be Bank Holiday August weekend again BUT rumours are that the Euros will be the same weekend so we might have to push it forward by 1 week. I am still waiting to hear back from the EHBPC reps so will update accordingly.

The plan is to have it at Newington as it's 1) Free 2) Central court

We will need porter loos, a zip van and event insurance cover and those are the notable expenses we have identified thus far. T-shirts and beers should make a profit to go towards the LHBPA/HHV kitty.

Discussions are pretty preliminary ATM and we will provide more info on number of teams, format etc once we have a proper sit down.

Let's bring back the good times! Polo woooooooppppp :D

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So this will happen, most likely not on bank holiday weekend August but a week or two prior.

From the courtside chat, plenty are supportive of the idea but opinions were split between going legit (pay everything due to Southwark council, insurance etc) or going semi-official (us putting up signs etc, you know the drill).

I rather not start a poll to decide this hence any thoughts on the above is much welcomed.

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Hi All, Beagle and I were planning on meeting over the weekend for a spot of lunch and to start to put together a plan.
If anyone would be interested in joining us then please reply to this post and I will look at a lunch venue depending on numbers. (probably 'Look Mum No Hands').

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Miles have volunteered to do the trophy

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Hi All

So Beagle and I have put together the outline of a plan for a London tournament in 2016. We have tried to take a relaxed and low key approach allowing the London polo community to invite its friends from around the UK (perhaps further a field)to come and play competitive but fun polo!

As you read through the proposal you will notice we have already assigned some names against tasks, this clearly is not golden and we just matched the people we thought would best suit, please feel free to let us know if you are happy to help if not we can change accordingly.

We do still have a few gray areas and I would appreciate if you could all provide comments on the following:

The dates we have proposed below what suits you best? depending on feedback we can make a better decision on this, clearly we want maximum attendance from London players. we need comments on this key point ASAP no later than 9/7/16.

If your name is assigned to a task can you help?

If you would like to volunteer and you think you would suit a certain task in particular let us know!

If you don't provide feedback we will make the decisions regardless!

LHBPA Street Open 2016 + Sunday Pool Party
Mission Statement:
LHBPA intend to hold a two-day polo extravaganza on either the weekend of 27/8/2016 or 3/9/2016 at a cost of £10 per registered player.
Day 1 - Tournament Swiss style for 16 x 3 person teams at Newington Gardens.
Day 2 – Pool 4 Vs 4 Pick Up Party – Clapham Common paddling pool!
Tournament is taking a relaxed format with the aim of having an old school street style atmosphere, where people can come and hangout watch matches and have a relaxed weekend, this is not an advertised event for the public this is about playing polo!
Any money raised after tournament costs are covered will be donated to the LHBPA central fund.
• Day 1 - Newington Gardens 2 x Tarmac courts
• Day 2 – Clapham Common Paddling Pool
Tournament Format:
• Day 1 - Swiss style knockouts – 12 min games
• Day 2 – 4 Vs 4 Pick Up
Court Equipment:
• Goals – either the goals from HH or just use cones
• Brush and Shovel – Miles/DubKev
• 2 x Gap Barriers – Miles/DubKev
• 4 x Goal Barriers – Miles/DubKev
• 2 x Score Cards - Danny
• 2 x Referee whistle and notebook
• First Aid Kit - Danny
• Bike Pump - Danny
• Swiss Tournament App
• Balls - Cambridge
Media and Communications:
• LFGSS Forum -
• Facebook Group/Tournament Updates -
• Event Graphics – Posters/Flyers/Spoke cards – Dan Allan?
• Registered Players Stickers - issued after bike inspection
• Venue Map/Directions
• Photographer – Will Melling/Jakob?

Sponsorship: N/A
Prizes: Not essential
• Approach local bike shops to request donations.
• Ask Magic Bike Polo for possible discount to purchase prizes. – Max?
• Players Patches?
• Trophy – Miles Dixon
Logistics/ Transport:
• Suitable transport required to move barriers and court equipment to site on Day 1. – Miles if not rental
• No Event Insurance – Disclaimer to all registered players that the event will not have full event insurance and any injuries will have to be covered personally.
• First Aid kit available onsite.
• Toilets – No onsite toilet will be available, agree with Libertines usage for players whilst event is running.
• All registered player’s will require to wear helmets whilst playing tournament games.
• All registered player’s bikes should adhere to standard tournament requirements, any bikes failing to meet this standard will not be permitted to enter. Full bike inspections to be completed prior to the events first match of day one.
• Gazibo -? need to find out who has it.
Players Registration:
• Online Google registration form.
• Registrations to be completed 2 weeks before event date.
• LHBPA PayPal account to be used for registration fee payment.
LHBPA will not offer accommodation however if association members can offer it will be on a personal basis. The association will provide suitable accommodation suggestions to registered players.
• Crystal Palace Camp Site – 40mins ride from Newington
• Youth Hostel – yha.org.uk
• Travel Lodge/Premier Inn -
• Canopy – Speak to Charlie about beers
• BBQ – Anyone able to provide or use disposable for alternatives.
Tournament After Party (Sat):
Libertines for Pizza and Beers, move onto the Dover Castle for those who want to get wrecked!

Sunday poolside BBQ fun, people can come and go as they please!

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From today.

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Cool. Euros this August?