Lisboa, Portugal 5/6 February

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Lisboa, Portugal 5/6 February

It's not a worlds away........

As mentioned when I seen ya'll, Miguel called last night to confirm it's happening!!

Who's up for it?? I would love to hook up with a couple of you mur furs to make a team too!!

I guess stuff will appear on f/book soon.

Theres good cheap Accomodation and I might even have space in the van for some lucky candidate.

I'll postmortem as it comes in.......

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I'm up for this! Flights are fairly cheap to Lisbon, anyone else keen?

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text message from Miguel just now.....

I m writing it down now. It will be shuffle tourney, with balanced teams with players sorted according to level of experience (number of tournaments) The info will be online at FB Lisbon Bike polo We managed The Hostel aswell. 11€ without breakfast (or 13€ with breakfast) Friday welcome dinner and a alleycat to try gather more spectators and potential players

So no team required if anyone fancies a solo short break, weathers good (in shorts right now)

Come on Chan we can party again, euro style!!!

David Mann
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Will you fly your bike out? Any guidance on this gratefully listened to. I would love to go and there's nothing stopping me - except fear!

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Yeah, normally you would fly with the bike in a box or bag.