EHPA - City rep needed + newsletter sign up

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EHPA - City rep needed + newsletter sign up


Received this earlier today...


Hi there!

We have your email address on file as a city representative/contact person for EHPA related matters.
We have plenty of things to talk to you but we need you to confirm you email address.

Please fill this form:

If you are no longer the person in charge of your community, please forward the link to the current representative so they can signup to the official EHPA newsletter. This is important as we need to get things moving for this season.

You don't need to be a city rep to signup for the newsletter. We welcome everybody.

Thanks and talk to you soon!


For anyone thinking of stepping up to represent Manchester across the continent, I think this is the second email I've received as a city rep since ~April 2014 when we were asked to vote on the original EHPA committee... There was some discussion on LOBP but it all went quite pretty quickly and I've got no idea what happened after that... Any questions, drop me an email or message or something!



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I don't mind filling it in. Unless anyone else wants to do it ?

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you done it ?