26" Deep Section Rims

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26" Deep Section Rims

Who apart from Velocity makes a polo-strong deep section v-brake rim in 26"??

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Any real need for deep section? If you can live with a more classic look then Rigida Grizzly in 36 hole format are a favourite of the off road touring set and well proven. SPA have them in for a mere £18 a piece atm:


The Rigida Sputnik is also well loved and reckoned to be even stronger. A little heavier but again yours for £18 a pop:


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I like my halo freedoms but they're only for disc, or their tornadoes are quite deep and for V but a bit heavier, they have a lighter, deepish rim but only in 32h. I think if you want deep V with 36h you'll have to go velocity. There are plenty of decent, strong but not deep rims about though.

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Vuelta Airline 1 26" 36h are amazing!! As it happens I have a new pair for sale for £15. 26mm deep 21mm wide. They are bright gold aswell!

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Good spot Scott, on the dot.

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My Airlines, even though they're a bit old (NOS I believe) and are in horrid retro blue, are freaking bombproof, heavy but lovely and solid.