Bench series, thoughts?

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Bench series, thoughts?

Zsofia contacted some of us about a bench series tournament. I think maybe a little tournament will be a good idea whether we run with Sofia's idea or not. Spoke a little bit about it on Sunday. My little brain works slowly. A few ideas to throw in (please ridicule and ask questions)

What's the most teams we can run in a one day round robin? From say 10am-8pm. I like the round robin format. Emyr?
Maybe not limit it to a bench but allow teams to roster upto 2-3 subs.or none at all.
Allow the whole country to attend. as the initial idea is for the major provinces only.
I don't mind a two day tournament a mini league held over two days.
Should we try to use another court because viewing games at powerhouse kinda sucks.
I like the idea of something slightly unorthodox to how it usually runs.
I was thinking February sometime.
Make sure we organise a big curray in rusholme? Or the hall at PH get a little food on the go etc.
try and repeat the same time every year if successful..
Raise the fee to say a fiver to supply the stuff if at PH ( obviously depending on the price of the hall and numbers attending)

That's all I got off the top of my head right now.

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Discuss Thursday ?

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Wahey, you playing Thursday John?

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Yes mate - cannot wait

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My view FWIW.

Personally not interested in playing/hosting Bench format events.

If you plan to have the Saturday as a normal invitational and the Sunday as Bench, then I'm up for helping/playing etc.

I sense an Arthur-Poll coming up... ;-)

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Haha. I'm moving towards a dictatorship now. No voting haha